Three Lessons I Have Learned After Having My Third Child

Three Lessons I Have Learned After Having My Third Child

There is a decent amount of research stating that the transition from two to three kids is the hardest. While I believe this research to be true, I haven’t found it to be true for my own family (yet😅).  Nevertheless, there have been trials and lessons learned after the birth of my third son. This week I am sharing the top three lessons I have learned after having my third child.

I feel like I can accomplish anything. 

Nothing makes me feel quite like a super-mom  more than running all of my errands successfully, with three kids in tow, without a single tantrum being thrown.  Or, handling someone’s tantrum while simultaneously keeping my other children calm, occupied, and tantrum-free.

Multi-tasking is especially beneficial when you’re a mom of multiple children.  As a stay-at-home-mom, one of my responsibilities (and hobbies because #imacoolmom) is to prepare meals and snacks. I’m basically the lunch lady.. and the dinner lady, and the snack handler. If food is involved, I’m the go-to parent for all of it. They think I’m a gourmet chef and I’m totally here for that kind of praise in the kitchen 😉

I do all of the grocery shopping and most of the time I have all three of my boys with me.  It can be stressful unloading three children out of the car, safely walking them to the store entrance, getting everything I need, waiting in line and checking out, walking back to the car, and loading all of the groceries and kiddos into the car without someone losing their mind (or their shoe, hat, or fave toy that they snuck into the store with them). And then doing this 2-3 more times at other stores, if needed. 

Grocery shopping used to be the easiest chore but when there are three tiny humans who can lose their minds at any point in the store constantly asking questions or grabbing things off the shelf, it becomes an art managing all of that without tears.  I feel so silly typing this out because its just grocery shopping but if you know, you know.

Feeling like an accomplished mom is comprised of tiny moments like successful shopping trips, among others, of course. I use these days as a reminder that I am capable of parenting these little people when I’m struggling to deal with tough moments.

Three Boys

“Me-time” is crucial and non-negotiable. 

I have mentioned in a previous post about how important my morning routine is to me (read that here) but, admittedly, I have been scrambling the last few months to find just 10 minutes to myself. 

I’m in a strange season of life where I am parenting my children alone 5 days a week. (everything is okay, we’re just going through a big change in our family😊)

My kids have also been sick on/off for a couple months and my youngest son had an especially difficult time sleeping.  I was lucky if I got three uninterrupted hours of sleep each night and this continued for nearly two months. It was seriously so much worse than having a newborn. #givemeallthecoffee 

It was rough and getting up at 5am so I could have alone time never happened.  I was grouchy and unable to hold a normal conversation with other adults and “me-time” was a comedic thought. 

These seasons in life will certainly come and go between now and when the kids move out but I learned how much I need time to myself. I’m sure its obvious to literally everyone that finding enough alone time becomes harder with each child you have but, actually going through the motions of having three sick kids has made me realize that I need to make alone time a priority.

As I write this, my kids are feeling so much better and I’m back to my normal morning routine.  I’ve learned that if I do not have an adequate amount of me-time I leave the worst parts of myself for my children and its just not fair to them. Or me. Or my husband. Or our family as a unit.

Mama’s me-time benefits everyone and its definitely a priority in my house.👸🏻

Each child is truly unique despite being raised in an identical manner. 

Have you noticed this with your kids or your own siblings? It amazes me how completely different each of my sons are from one another. Again, it seems so obvious but you don’t really know until you’re in it.

It makes my heart burst with joy watching them develop their own interests and habits. But, of course, parenting them would be significantly easier if they all had the same personalities. 

Disciplining them can be tricky because they all respond differently to each method of discipline and making decisions that are “fair” can feel impossible.  My older son is more sensitive and needs a quiet, calm approach to discipline or redirection whereas my second son needs a firm, assertive, just give-me-the-facts approach. 

aaand my youngest son just does what he wants so there’s that..

They also play differently than each other and need different amounts and types of attention from me and my husband. I think this is one of the hardest parts of parenting multiple children.  Navigating every personality is a sensitive task but once you figure out everyone’s individual quirks and needs, it really is special.

And, that’s all she wrote, folks🙃 Have you also heard that the third child is the hardest? If you have three or more children, has this been true for your family?  Let me know in the comments because I think I’m living in a pink fog over here.. 😂

Have a wonderful week, friend!

xx Ashley

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