The Truth About Having Three Kids Under Four

The Truth About Having Three Kids Under Four

The truth about having three kids under four: 3 month update.

You are probably reading this for one of three reasons.

  1. You’re considering having a third baby and you want the truth about having three kids under four. 
  2. You are already pregnant with your third baby and you’re praying I have good news about life with three kids.
  3. You have no desire for a third baby and you’re just curious what kind of hotmess life I must live with three small kids under the ripe ole age of four. 

Good news: there is something in this post for all of you.

Life with Three Kids Under Four

My husband and I have always planned on having more than two children but nothing prepares you for a third baby than actually going through the motions of having a third baby.

But, you know that. Thats why you’re reading this post, right? You want to know what its like to have three kids under four before you dive right in.  

Let’s pause right here, friend.

You can read all the blog posts in the world and talk to every parent who has had three kids really close together and you will still not feel prepared enough to handle three kids. Every single family is different. Every single child is different. And, everyone handles the addition of a third baby in their own unique way.

So, are you ready for my honest three month review of having three kids under the age of four?

Three kids under four

The Truth About Having Three Kids

I panicked for nothing and the hype was over rated.  Having three children under the age of four is not as crazy as I thought it would be.

Let me back up.  Some friends and relatives thought we were literally nuts for wanting a third baby and they expressed this as often as they could.  Some people just did not understand the appeal of having more children because they were narrowly surviving the one or two that they already had. And, others thought we were naive and assumed we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into (partially true). 

But here’s the thing, guys. I have a different personality and lifestyle than these friends. So do you. My children have different personalities and a different age gap than their children.  So do your kids. My family has experienced a different life than my friends and our opinions about children are not always the same.  I’m willing to bet that you and your family have unique opinions and life experiences, too.

And that. is. okay.

Since some people expressed serious concern for our sanity when they learned we were having a third baby, I started to doubt my ability to actually survive this third little human of mine.  Like, I started having serious doubts that I (we) made the right choice by growing our family.  But then I remembered that there are real life people who have fourth babies on purpose so obviously some people agree that three kids isn’t all that scary.

Those people are my people.  

Fresno Newborn Photography

I can say without any hesitation that the last three months have been nothing out of the ordinary- we just added a kiddo to our already wild life.

Having a threenager and a two year old at the same time is no joke, my friend. But, it wouldn’t be any easier without our new baby. That’s the honest truth.

Some babies are easier than others and, at the risk of sounding completely pompous, some parents adjust better to additional babies than other parents.

My husband and I do not have everything figured out in regards to parenting. Far from it. Sooo far from it. But, we have one thing figured out well and that’s having a newborn in our home. The first three months of all our boys’ lives have been the easiest and that absolutely plays a role in how we have adjusted to having three children.

I realize that the newborn stage is a dreaded three month period for some moms but that has not been my experience with any of my three children.  In my experience, the newborn stage has been the easiest and that is why having three kids under four has been a breeze.. so far.

James is the dreamiest baby. He eats, sleeps, and hangs out in his swing quietly while I get things done.  My older two sons have adjusted to their new brother seamlessly and my husband and I just go with the flow.  I am only 3 whole months into this momming-three-kids gig and its fair to assume that there will come a time that its going to be hard.  But, for now, I am enjoying the piece of cake that life has handed me. I cannot be anymore thankful for a smooth transition into this new chapter of my life. 

Three kids under four

I hope this small glimpse into my world eases your mind about adding a new member to your crew. 

Stay tuned for my 6 month update on having three kids under four!

Do you have three kiddos or are you expecting your third? I would love to know what fears you had/have and how you transitioned into your new role as a mom of three littles. Let me know in a comment below!

4 thoughts on “The Truth About Having Three Kids Under Four”

  • I’m currently preggo with baby #3 and I hope I look as good and am as confident as you are! You’re a rockstar!

  • We are expecting our third girl in a few months and my oldest would have just turnt three. Our second less than 2. I am super anxious. Beyond the newborn phase, how do you get out of the house with three under four? Do you go out often alone with all the three of them. I think I will just stay home unless I have someone with me while they are young. When they grow up a bit, I guess could get easier. I worry also about what kind of bond they will have. So many people warn me about the middle child syndrome for our second daughter but I will give them all equal love . Anyway thanks for the article and hope things are getting easier and they have a strong bond :).

    • Hi, and thank you for your reply! It is 100% okay for you to be nervous, I certainly was. This is a new phase of life for you but it will quickly become normal. I get out of the house just as often as before without any other help. It is definitely easier to have another adult with me but I still do it alone most of the time. So far, my kids have as close of a bond as I would expect them to have, My oldest is only 5 and my second son is 3. They play well together but they totally have moments of indifference. You’re going to be a great mom of three especially since you are already aware of “middle child syndrome.” I haven’t experienced that yet but like you mentioned, I try to give them an equal amount of love and attention. Congratulations on your third baby girl! What a special time for you and your family! xx, Ashley

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