The Truth About Having Three Kids Under Four | 6 Month Update

The Truth About Having Three Kids Under Four | 6 Month Update

In my 3 month update about life with three kids under four I explained that having a third baby left us mostly underwhelmed.

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The 6 month update on having three kids under four certainly sings a different tune than the 3 month update and my thoughts just might surprise you. Let’s get to it!

Month Four:

My older boys still like the baby so I am less concerned about them being mean to James and more concerned that they will squish him to death with their this-is-so-sweet-but-my-eyeballs-are-popping-out hugs. You know the kind.

My bigger boys are, well.. big and they like to prove that by picking James up from the floor which leaves me in a desperate scramble to rescue James from the bone-shattering clutches of his big brother.

I’m not kidding, though. Its a serious situation when Henry is hugging or holding James because he loves him a little too much. 

An obvious solution would be to keep James with me at all times and never let him out of my sight but he weighed a whopping 18 pounds at his four month check-up.  He’s heavy and he doesn’t like to be carried in a sling, wrap, or carrier so I have to carry him with my own two, tired arms. He has to hang out somewhere..

James still enjoyed the swing between three and four months old but once he became proficient at rolling he wanted to be on the floor at all times.  At this point I would leave him in his nursery to play on the floor while I quickly made a meal or completed a chore (unless it was laundry. That ish never gets done).  I learned to keep his baby monitor on all the time so I could hear if his brothers had snuck into the nursery to play (read: wrestle) with him.

It’s brotherly love or something..

Month Five:

I have settled into a routine with all three boys and taking them to the store at the same time hasn’t resulted in any major toddler meltdowns, yet.  Henry did chuck his shoe clear across the produce section but nobody witnessed it so, it didn’t happen. Just a perk of shopping at 8am. Carson loves grocery shopping with me because he gets to push the “big boy” cart and as long as Henry gets to doodle in my notebook, he’s a happy customer. 

Carson loves to help me shop and by help I mean adding fresh donut holes into his cart.

I certainly won’t complain. Kid has great taste in baked goods. 

Carson’s cart is always loaded with groceries because Henry sits in the cart-seat and James’ carseat takes up the entire basket portion of the cart. His mini-cart plays a key role in our grocery shopping success.

I also slip two hand held baskets under my cart for easy storage and its much easier to load groceries onto the conveyer belt.  Do this. It will save you at least three minutes and those are the minutes that stir up tantrums.

The Truth About Having Three Kids

Month Six:

Sweet baby James has become so giggly and extra snuggly.  He wants to be held all the time and as much as my heart loves it, my back does not.  At 6 months old he is wearing size 18 month clothes and his feet dangle past my waist when I hold him. 

Jaw-dropping, right?

Similarly to what you read earlier, I can’t just put him down somewhere to play safely. His brothers become increasingly more fascinated by his giggles and coos each day which means they want to be near him all the time.  James is also army-crawling so I have to be a little more attentive to his activity, too.

Becoming more efficient at completing chores during nap time has become imperative so I can just enjoy all three boys together while they’re awake.

That is why I stay home with them after all.  Having three kiddos has forced me to slow down a little and I’m really enjoying the extra play time I have with the boys.  This extra time has transitioned us into our new homeschooling routine quite well.

As our days shift into evenings and I prepare dinner, all chaos ensues and it literally sounds like zoo animals are on the loose inside my home.

James wants to nurse, Carson wants to help me cook, and Henry wants to do whatever Carson is doing. I cradle James with one arm and hold his leg in my hand so he doesn’t fall while I sauté vegetables. Meanwhile, Carson and Henry are fighting over which chair they are going to drag across the kitchen so they can stand by the stove and watch me cook. 

Once the chair has been positioned in the prime spectator viewing section of the kitchen (read: exactly where I need to stand) Henry needs 7 snacks and Carson is stealing a sip of water from my tumbler because he lost his cup. Again.

After everyone is well hydrated and bellies are half full with cheese and raspberries, Carson and Henry climb atop the kitchen counter to help me roll dough, season chicken, or chop carrots while James takes a 20 minute power nap. 

Giggles and screaming and animal growls are all reaching ear-ringing levels and then I hear the thunder of Garrett’s truck in the driveway. Hallelujah! Backup has arrived!

Throughout the evening Garrett and I shuffle each of the boys between us while we eat, clean up, bathe, and hang out together until bedtime. Repeat.

If you made it this far and you’re thinking that life with three kiddos under four isn’t all that terrible. You’re completely right.. mostly. It still hasn’t been as terrible as some have made it out to be however, I don’t want to paint a completely serene picture of life with three children.  The hard moments are hard. When 3 kids need you at the same moment you’re reaching into a hot oven- that can be overwhelming. But.. it only takes a moment to pull the pan out, set it on the counter, close the oven door, and then tend to the kiddo’s need that is most urgent. And, then move on. 

The hard stuff only lasts minutes and as long as my patience lasts longer, we’re all good.

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