The Truth About Having Three Kids Under Four | 12 Month Update

The Truth About Having Three Kids Under Four | 12 Month Update

I can not believe it’s time to write the final installment in this series. (Read the first three posts here, here, and here). That last three months have flown by so this post will be short and [bitter] sweet. Cue the crocodile tears.


I spent most of April preparing to leave all the kids for a two week vacation to Europe. Preparing legal and medical documents, packing for a two week vacation, packing for all the things the three kids would need while we were away, trying to use all the food in the fridge so it wouldn’t spoil while we were gone (I’m an extreme over-thinker, can ya tell?).. April was just a mad house of preparation for me but the kids basically just went about their usual business.


Aaaand in May I cheated at parenting because I was gone for two whole weeks. The kids became sick the day before we left so Garrett and I had to decide if we were going to stay home (aka.. not go on our long awaited trip) or to go and leave our babies to be comforted by someone other than ourselves. Can you guess which one we chose? It was hard to be away from the kids knowing they weren’t feeling well however, we knew they were being cared for and I’m prettyyy sure they love their sitters more than us so theres that. We missed them and we talked about them while we were away. Sometimes I take my little family for granted. Its hard not to when motherhood is just the norm (whoops.. don’t think I’m supposed to admit that aloud). But, being away form the boys for so long definitely helped give me a new opportunity to appreciate my little family so much more. We all survived the two weeks apart and I think 4/5 of our crew enjoyed the time away from each other.

The baby did not. He wouldn’t look at me for 2 days after we returned but.. I’m happy to report that we’ve been best buds since those two agonizing days of feeling like the absolute worst mother in the world.


We made it! I am now a proud parent of three kids over the age of one! A baby’s first year is so unpredictable especially when you have older kids adjusting to a new family member. Thank goodness James has been the absolute best baby. I’ll take 10 more just like him #thankyouverymuch.

James thinks walking is pretty darn cool and happily waddles everywhere his big bros go. My oldest son actually enjoys playing with the baby and as long as I give Carson enough alone time, he handles time with James and Henry quite well.  Henry likes James as long as James doesn’t touch his toys. Life is still pretty dang good with three kiddos under the age of four and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you so much for hanging out with me this entire year. I learned so much and I hope these posts help you decide whether or not having a third kiddo is right for your family.

xo, Ashley

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