The Truth About Having Three Kids Under Four | 9 Month Update

The Truth About Having Three Kids Under Four | 9 Month Update

Well, hello there friend!

I am posting this nearly a month late so you could say things are going well over here.. 😉

I absolutely love the 6-9 month period of having a baby. The newborn stage is the sweetest but once a baby turns 6 months old, things get interesting.. and FUN!

Month Seven:

James is army crawling and loves to rock back and forth on all fours and then belly-flop forward until he reaches whatever toy we place in front of him to entice him to keep moving. I’m not above bribery, people.

If you follow me on Instagram then you already know that we went to Hawaii in January which means that we took a 4 year old, 2 year old, and 6 month old into an airport, onto an airplane, and to an island in the middle of the Pacific.. on purpose. Like, for fun.

And, to be honest, the kids rocked that plane ride. I overpacked our diaper bags with enough snacks and activities to keep the whole dang plane happy and the boys ended up sleeping for the majority of the flight. Talk about hashtag blessed.

Admittedly, the days leading up to the trip I thought Garrett and I were nuts for booking this trip.  I was so nervous but I truly believe that doing the hard things in life are the most rewarding and this trip was no exception.

And, by hard things, I mean they seem hard in our mind and end up being totally fine in real life.

The kids loved the plane and I feel like I could travel anywhere on a flight that is less than 5 hours away with our kiddos, no problem. 

Month Eight:

Basically, the plague hit our house and I thought I would die from exhaustion.  I guess I should thank my lucky stars that all three boys were sick at the same time instead of them being sick one week after another but, holy crap, that was rough.

Taking care of three sick kids while you’re sick is harder than hard. It’s just plain exhausting.

Garrett was the only one not to get sick this year which is so strange because I am usually the one not getting sick. Apparently having three kids has changed some things.. hear that sarcasm?

Thank goodness for curb-side grocery pick-up because I still had to, ya know, feed my family and buy groceries.  Whoever invented this is a savior and on behalf of all parents, I nominate you for a Nobel or sainthood. Something.

Shopping with three kids

Month Nine:

We are all well again but still cooped up inside the house because we had an unusually cold and wet February and March. We basically spent our days learning new shapes, letters, and all about germs.

Carson’s new favorite book is from Usborne and it is about germs.. he’s obsessed and honestly, I am so grateful for a book that teaches kiddos to be enthusiastic about hand washing and covering sneezes.

Our favorite rainy day activity is reading so I spent most of my time sitting on the nursery floor reading about pirates, flowers, dinosaurs, germs, trucks, and airplanes. We know all the things now.

I always assumed that reading books would be the best way to calm down my kids so we could all enjoy a few quiet moments together but that’s not at all what it is like when I am reading.

Reading stories usually goes something like this:

Carson sits  by my side and asks every single question about every single thing.

Henry shoves 11 books in my face and tells me to “read dis.” Okay, homie.

James crawls on top of and over my lap to either grab the book, his brother’s arm, or my boob.

Mom with three boys

This all happens at the exact time and my voice gets louder and louder and I am pretty sure my neighbors now know that “Jesus and germs are everywhere.”

Life with three kiddos is busy in the smallest of ways and sometimes its overwhelming. Remember the story about trying to make dinner? Read that here.

If I don’t take control of the small chaotic moments, its easy for my entire day to begin feeling overwhelming. 

I focus on 30 minutes at a time, about the time it takes for now load of laundry to wash or dry. Doing this makes tough days feel shorter and good days feel longer. Funny how that works, right?

Thanks for stopping by today!  Stay tuned for the final post on the truth about having three kids: 1 year update!

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