Nutrition | An Introduction

Nutrition | An Introduction

I have always considered myself a nutrition aficionado.

For most of my life I was slender, ate small amounts of food, and turned my nose up to anything inorganic or dessert-like. Those are the cardinal rules of healthy eating, right?

I had a strict perception of food: bad or unhealthy food was never consumed and good or healthy food was eaten in restricted amounts. For the entirety of my childhood, nutrition was defined by one guideline: food that made me or kept me thin was good nutrition. Anything else was to be avoided at all costs.

My senior year of high school or, the peak of my later diagnosed eating disorder, all I ate was a “healthy” lunch of cucumber, a few cheese cubes, and grapes. And, that was sandwiched between no breakfast, no dinner, and absolutely no snacks. Yikes, right?

I was literally starving myself to death.

I was told at 18, just a few months after my high school graduation, that I had 6 months to live because my liver, kidneys, and heart were in severe distress.  This catapulted me into a life dedicated to truly understanding food and how it works inside of our bodies.

Although this time in my life did not immediately lead me to a career in nutrition (I remained a pre-med student for a few more years) it plays a huge role in my perception of food, nutrition, health, and how I speak about these topics to everyone I interact with.

Nutrition is a funny thing. Everyone has their own opinion about what proper nutrition entails but, what most nutrition aficionados fail to understand is that nutrition is not an opinion. It is, in fact, a science. And, therein, lies the beauty and curse of food.

I 100% believe that food is meant to be enjoyed however, food is meant to support life.  We need to eat. We depend on nutritious foods to keep our bodies alive.

Food also has a fun side and we use it to build social relationships. These relationships aid in our effort to live our best life and that is partly why food is complicated. We have to learn to balance both sides of nutrition and sometimes (or most of the time) its not as simple as it should be.

I also want to emphasize that diet culture has been normalized by many nutrition professionals and/or “experts” but you will not find that here.  I also recognize that there is a difference between an eating disorder and disordered eating although, I do not assume that people who diet fit in either category.  My eating disorder serves as context from which my nutrition related posts are formed.  I view nutrition through a different lens than most and I understand, appreciate, and respect that most individuals don’t share that background.

If you stick around you’ll find posts that shed light on diet culture, nutrition myths that are commonly believed as fact, and food related tips and suggestions.

I hope this post serves as a prelude to all posts found on my site. Finding what makes you happy can be hard. Motherhood can be hard. And, oddly enough, nutrition is hard.

Everyone has an opinion about literally every single thing and it’s hard to drown out all the noise so you can focus on what is best for you.

Stick around. We’ll figure it out together.

xo, Ash

If you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder click here for support.

8 thoughts on “Nutrition | An Introduction”

  • I just spent the last hour binge-reading your entire site. The world needs more of you. You talk about being a mom in a realistic, light-hearted way that we can all relate to. This post hits home. I just love you and I think more women need to be like you.

    • Heather, thank you so much for these kind words. These are the posts that keep me honest and wanting to post more content. xo, Ashley

  • I had no idea you had an eating disorder. I never would have guessed that about you. Thanks for being so honest because I suffer from major self insecurities and it means a lot that you open up about your struggles. You’re just so pretty and I can’t imagine you struggling with anything. Please write another post about your eating disorder and how you manage it while pregnant and after your babies.

    • Amanda, you are so sweet to type these things. I hope you have learned through my posts that there is no such thing as perfect. Perfect exists in our minds.. and social media. You are an exceptional human being and you deserve the very best in life. So, so much love to you! xo, Ashley

  • Wow. We had a class together in undergrad and I had no idea you had an eating disorder. I also had an eating disorder but was too ashamed to share with anyone. This brought tears to my eyes. You are such a inspirational person and I just love you. Lots of love, Rach

    • Hi Rachel! Weird things about eating disorders.. they look different on everyone. I am so sorry that you have struggled in this way, too. If only we could have helped each other a decade ago. So, so much love to you!

  • Hi Ashley!
    I just stumbled on your blog and I am hooked! More moms need to be as honest as you about their self insecurities! You are amazing!

    • Hi Sarah! Welcome! Thank you for your feedback. I hope you find more posts to inspire you to live a healthy, happy life! xo, Ashley

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