Natural Hospital Birth | Second Time Mom

Natural Hospital Birth | Second Time Mom

My second birth story is my favorite.  Henry came into this world fast and furious and that basically sums up everything you need to know about him.

I love his birth story because it perfectly explains what “silent labor” is and I had know idea that was a thing until after my first son was born.  

I also apologize in advance if I seem like I’m bragging about how amazing this birth story is. It’s because I’m bragging about how amazing this birth story is. #sorrynotsorry

If you haven’t read my first birth story, click here to do that.

On Monday, October 3rd I arrived at my 36 week appointment in an incredibly happy mood because it was finally baby month and I had a pedicure scheduled right after my appointment with my best friend.

I peed, I got weighed, my blood pressure was perfect, and.. I was dilated 6 cm!

Oh, yeah girl. You read that right. That baby was well on his way out.

My eyeballs dilated about the same size when my OB nervously told me how dilated I was. He told me to get dressed and he would return to discuss my options.

“So, uh, do you think I’ll make it to my next appointment?” 

I asked him that. Because I’m a genius.

He laughed and admitted that he didn’t think I would be pregnant in the morning which was kind of an issue because my toenails were horrendous and I needed that pedicure pronto.  Priorities, people.

My OB, bless his nervous heart, reminded me what number to call when I started feeling contractions or my water broke and sent me on my merry way.

I gleefully joined my friend at the spa and explained that I was 6 cm dilated.  She joined in on my excitement and joked about having to deliver my baby in the waiting room.  Nervous joke? Probably. I enjoyed the heck out of that pedicure, went home to snap one last family-of-three picture, and waited all night for that baby of mine to come out.

All natural, hospital birth story of my second baby!

All natural, hospital birth story of my second baby!


I tossed and turned and tossed some more.. mostly out of anticipation. I felt fine despite a little nausea.

9 am rolled around and I called my OB to tell him that I was still pregnant.  He told me to come in so I drove to his office to be checked again.

10:15 am he told me that I was 7 cm dilated. S E V E N centimeters dilated!

He called the hospital to have me admitted while I called my husband to let him know what was happening.. you know.. “your child is legit escaping my body right now.”

I was already settled in my room by the time Garrett arrived and I was checked for dilation again at 11:45am.  You guys, I was 8 cm dilated and I felt absolutely no pain. It seemed like the entire L&D department came in to watch the charge nurse check me again because nobody believed my OB. 

Pausing this post right now.. like 7 nurses came into my room (with my permission) and watched the charge nurse check my dilation because they literally did not believe how dilated I was.

Still 8 cm.

So, uh, about that epidural.. there was no time for that. Thank goodness I had already delivered without an epidural once before so I knew what to expect.  I honestly can’t imagine being thrown into that kind of experience without having a choice.

At 12:30pm my water broke but I still wasn’t feeling contractions. They were registering on the monitor and I could feel my abdomen tighten but it wasn’t painful. It was a strange out-of-body experience because I knew I was contracting but I couldn’t feel it. So strange.

I was checked for dilation again at 1pm and I had progressed half a centimeter. Woo!  I was started on pitocin to encourage contractions and I felt those bad boys within minutes. After 45 minutes of pitocin, I told the nurse to turn it off because I wasn’t getting a break between contractions.  I felt like I couldn’t breathe and was starting to panic.  My contractions went from 0 to 100 and there was no break between contractions. Basically, my abdomen felt tight or tighter. Never relaxed.

Natural Hospital Birth Second Time Mom


Once the pitocin wore off (about 30 minutes) I was finally able to take a 30 second “nap” between my contractions.  Talk about the ultimate power nap. I have no idea where my mind went in between contractions but its amazing how our body protects us from pain.  I literally drifted off to sleep, never-land, somewhere over the rainbow.. I really have no idea.

I felt the urge to push around 4:45pm so my husband called the nurse who called my OB.

My legs were shaking uncontrollably while I tried to stop pushing. That obviously wasn’t going to work..  My body was doing all the pushing for me and as my OB came to see how I was progressing he told me to “hold on” when he realized that a baby was about to fly out.

I laugh at this now because I have no idea what he meant.. babies come when they’re ready, dude.  He placed one hand on the baby’s head while the nurse dressed him in his gown.

At 4:59pm I pushed one more time, reached down, and pulled out my second son. 

All natural, hospital birth story of my second baby!

I placed him on my stomach and could not believe how big he was! He was born 4 weeks early so I was expecting a little peanut.  We later learned that he was only 4oz smaller than my first baby who was born only 2 days early. He was giant!

My husband beamed with pride as he snapped pictures and I cut little baby boy’s cord.  And, we all laughed because I told them I would have this baby before 5pm and I delivered him with literally one minute to spare.  And, that sums up my personality quite well!

After he was weighed and checked over I snuggled him ever so close but I quickly realized his breathing patterns were abnormal.  The nurse took him back, checked him over, and gave him back to me. He seemed completely fine while he was laying on his back under the warming lights but while he was on my chest he had a hard time breathing.  We repeated this process three times before they took him to the NICU where he stayed for 5 very long days.  He came home healthy as can be and we’ve been joined at the hip ever since.

Henry Kenneth Tisdale 10/4/2016

All natural, hospital birth story of my second baby!

All natural, hospital birth story of my second baby!

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