How to Homeschool During a Quarantine

How to Homeschool During a Quarantine

Schools are closed for several weeks and now you’re stuck at home with your kids. You haven’t the foggiest idea how to entertain them let alone teach them.  Homeschool moms and teachers everywhere are chuckling quietly because its finally your turn to understand how they feel and you’re sheepishly shrugging your shoulders, right?

As a very new homeschool mom myself, I got you!

Read ahead for 5 quick and easy steps to succeed as a forced-upon-me-homeschool-parent!

5. Let them be little.

Regardless of your child’s age, coloring and playing teaches them more than we can ever imagine as parents. Imagination and creativity are lost arts and allowing them the time to quietly work with their minds as a guide is incredibly educational. 

Play-Doh, Lincoln logs, Legos, Dolls, Trucks, Dress-up clothes, Puzzles, Coloring Books, Stamps, Stickers, Hop-Skotch, Chalk, Digging in the dirt.  It all counts.

As a Type-A parent this is the hardest way for me to let them learn but we all know parenting and teaching isn’t about “me.” (Insert sweating-pretending-to-smile emoji.) This is all for them and having a slow-paced, unmonitored method of learning teaches them more than any well-thought out curriculum ever can.

4. Morning basket.

{Homeschool moms everywhere are nodding their heads while they sip their quiet cup of coffee.}

A morning basket is literally just a basket full of mom-approved books and quiet activities your child can work on in the morning if they wake up early or while you’re making breakfast, drinking coffee, or working from home.

Keep the basket in their bedrooms, the play-room, living room, or wherever you decide is most convenient for them.

It makes morning-time less chaotic and allows for some quiet learning while their sweet, well-rested minds are ready to learn about whatever you place in their basket.

The basket can be for the whole family or individually tailored to each child. You get to be the judge of that and you also get to decide what goes into it.

Its so easy and there are no rules. win-win.

3. Teach when you can.

Some of you aren’t off from work entirely and have to get some actual work done while you’re home caring for your children. You’re probably experiencing additional stress and may not even be concerned about teaching your kids anything at the moment because you just need them to be quiet for 20 minutes while you finish a report or participate in a video conference.

Fair enough.

If you are wanting the kids to learn the tiniest bit of something, anything while you’re home but also have to, ya know, pay bills, then just teach them when you can.

Everyone has to eat and meal-time is a great way to learn.

Ask your child to count how many blueberries, chicken nuggets, or leftover spaghetti noodles are on their plate.

And, voila. Math has been served.

Teach them about nutrition and what food groups are on their plate. Don’t know much about nutrition? Grab your phone and give it a goog.

Meal-time and chores are perfectly acceptable ways to teach your children.  Just talk about it and let their questions guide you.

2. Youtube.

Youtube has become a haven for professionals wanting to work from home and they create content to help YOU!  Give your trusty google search bar a try and find short Youtube videos about any subject imaginable.

Is your child in need of a math lesson? Do they want a story read to them? Are they interested in epidemiology or astrophysics? Perfect.. Youtube has a video or 100.. just for them.

1. Plan ahead.

If you have a particular subject in mind for your child to work on then plan a lesson or project for them.  Pick a subject and type it into Google, Pinterest, or Youtube and there is probably an article or video waiting for you.

You most likely already have most of the products needed for said project and, if not, Amazon is still delivering.

Use what you have, order a few extra supplies, and go for it. At the very least they’ll learn patience and grace while they wait for you to #getittogether.

Bonus: Relax.

You’re rolling your eyes so hard, right?  Just wait and don’t click the big X on the top of this page yet.

As of now, schools are shut down for 3-4 weeks.  There is nothing so important to learn in that time that will set your child back in his/her life.  If your kids don’t learn 4 extra letters or math equations in that time, they can still enter the next grade level and, more importantly, grow into healthy, mature, kind adults.

It’s just a few weeks and they can do it.  YOU can do it. If, at the very least, your children only learn how to rest their precious minds and be patient and gracious and  have compassion for the ill and immune-compromised, would that be so bad?  If they learned how important it is to wash their hands and respect health-care workers, that probably wouldn’t be so terrible either.

Dear mama, use this quarantine to enjoy a little extra time with your family and if lesson plans cause you more anxiety and stress during this time, then don’t worry about it. It’s a blessing to be with our children and as a working parent, you don’t usually get that extra time.

I understand its not always that simple because work=money=food, bills, etc.

I get that. I respect that.

If money and bills are already stressing you out, don’t let your child’s education stress you out, too.  Children are really smart and they are learning every single day regardless of what lesson plan is placed in front of them.

They’ll learn something at the end of this quarantine no matter what. The importance of rest and having compassion for others will be remembered forever.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

xo, Ashley

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