Going Back to School as a Stay at Home Mom | Choosing the Right School

Going Back to School as a Stay at Home Mom | Choosing the Right School

First, if you’re even considering going back to school as a stay at home mom you are a flipping rockstar. I am totally rooting for you! Seriously.. Good for you!

I went back to school after my first baby was born without any idea how I would balance life as wife, mom, and student.  Being a stay at home mom had its challenges but I had a dream and knew I needed to chase it.

I know its scary going back to school as a mom but you are not alone! About 25% of all college students in the U.S. have young children. This means that colleges are figuring out how to make that transition easier for everyone involved.

There are so many reasons why modern moms are choosing to go back to school.  Whether you’re advancing your career with a graduate degree, finishing your bachelor’s degree, or starting fresh without any undergraduate experience, this post will help you choose the best type of college classes to enroll in so you can accomplish your goals. 

There are obvious benefits for each type of class but what is best for you will depend on your learning style, lifestyle, and career goals.

1. Online Classes

I know what you’re thinking. Is this even legit? Will I even get a real education from an online school?

Well, friend. It totally depends on the school you choose but, yes. 100% YES, you can receive a quality education online that will propel you into a successful career.  There are certainly online “universities” that are not accredited and are a complete waste of your time. But, good news, there are actual universities who recognize the need that some students can not, realistically, attend traditional classes. They have formulated degree pathways that will get you where you need to be without completely ripping you off.

Professors who teach at traditional campuses record their in-class lectures and post them online for their global students to view.  As the student, you can rest assured knowing that you are receiving the same information as students sitting in the classroom. Pretty cool, huh?

I think its fairly obvious why online schools are convenient for moms going back to school but in case you’re still super skeptical, let me break it down for ya:

This option gives you the most flexibility with your schedule.  If you can’t afford a babysitter or don’t want one, this gives you the option to schedule schoolwork, lectures, and exams around nap-time, playdates, and doctor visits.

Also, if you’re working full-time and going back to school to advance your career, you can literally listen to lectures, participate in group discussions, and finish homework from your cellphone. You have your cellphone everywhere you go, right? Need I say more?

Additionally, if you are in a military family or you travel frequently, online schools were literally made for you!  Grab your laptop and take your professor with you!

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Going Back to School as a stay at home mom.

2. Traditional Classes

As you know, traditional classes take place in a classroom and the professor lectures in the same room as the student. If you feel like you need to see your teacher face-to-face and/or are not self-disciplined enough to attend online courses, taking traditional classes is definitely a great choice for you!

I am not finishing my degree at a traditional college for various reasons but one reason in particular will resonate with you, mama.  I have kiddos that need to hang out with a responsible adult while I am away. That’s probably your main concern about going back to school, right? Where are your precious babies going to hang out while you’re in class?

Good news! Many universities have daycare centers on-site. Many of these programs are facilitated by students and faculty members and they typically observe the kiddos’ behavior as part of their learning experience. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Click here to find a university with an on-campus daycare center near you!

3. Accelerated Classes

If you don’t think taking online classes are right for you or your daytime schedule doesn’t allow for you to attend traditional classes, an accelerated college program may be the best option for you!

These college programs are typically 18-24 months in length and you meet once a week in the evening with your classmates and professor.

If you are pursuing your bachelor’s degree without any prior college experience then you will have to finish all pre-requisite classes before transferring to an accelerated program. This can be accomplished by taking traditional or online classes.

If you are finishing your degree, you can attend class once a week for the specified time of your program. Easy peasy!

Accelerated programs were created specifically for busy, ambitious moms like you!

I know this is all scary and overwhelming. But, remember, you are capable of making the right decision for you and your family. Don’t stop, mama! Keep chasing that dream of yours!

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