Hey There!

Hey There!

Welcome to my small space of the internet.

I married my high school sweetheart, Garrett,  in 2014 and we live happily in California with our three sons and twin daughters.

This has become the space where I document small pieces of my life in a way that can be encouraging, entertaining, and educational for you.

I love being a stay-at-home parent and having a creative outlet (like this blog) has been an essential part to enjoying that role.

If you like being a mom {most days} and reading about, ya know, mom things.. you’ll like it here.

More specifically, if you’re a mom who overthinks and overpacks, has a never-ending to-do list, likes dry shampoo and reheated coffee, doesn’t mind run-on sentences, aaand you like reading about casual family moments, random nutrition facts, and the adventures of an amateur homeschooler.. THIS blog is for you!

I’m so glad we found each other and hope you enjoy hanging out in my little corner of the world.

pregnant mom wearing white dress

Family of Five

10 facts about me:

1. I’m an Enneagram 3.

2. I went to school to be a registered dietitian and have a dual degree in Nutrition and Public Health.

3. I have to put my right leg in my pants before the left.

4. I’m obsessed with flowers and dresses.  And, flowers on dresses!

5. Mountains > Beach.

6. I start more projects than I finish (they always seem easier in my head). 😉

7. I’m the oldest of seven children.

8. Home is my favorite place to be.

9. I’m a recovering perfectionist.

10. Tacos are always a good idea!

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